Word of Mouth or Word of Facebook? Marketing On Steroids

I don't like to talk about it ... in fact I'd prefer no one knew at all, but, I'm a closet Farmville fanatic. While it may in fact be a silly little game where people with too much time on their hands have a chance to grow and harvest cartoon crops and animals ... there is another side to it. As it is an interactive game where you acquire neighbors and help each other with your farms you learn quickly that not all neighbors are created equal, there are some you can depend on and some you can't, there are some who are friendly and others who are antagonistic, and perhaps most importantly there are some who you can relate to and trust and actually develop a relationship of value. I have been fortunate enough to have made a number of the latter kind of friends on Facebook, and our friendship has grown from a " see ya when I see ya " kind of thing, to a " don't make plans for Friday because I'm meeting friends on Facebook " kind of thing. What makes it so interesting, and relevant as pertains to this post, is the fact that everyone in the group has some kind of new info, or gripe, warning or advice they want to share with their friends.

Facebook Friends Recommended Products

In the past 3 months we have discussed and encouraged each other to try a multitude of products ranging from Totino's pizza, Little Ceasars, Miller High life, Belks children's clothes, Tire kingdom, Disney ( and hotels in the Orlando Florida area ), and a multitude of other products and services. Additionally ... we have reviewed just about every movie that has come out this year and recommended dozens that are " can't miss " rentals!When we get together online it isn't for the purpose of product review, we are simply sharing with each other the things that we have found make our lives a little easier or nicer and not because we are paid to endorse these things ... because we simply want to help each other!


When you hear someone talking about Web 2.0 this is what it's all about. This isn't just the future of advertising, it is what is driving sales in America right now! Social media people understand this, it's why we're here, but many businesses seem to have a hard time comprehending the change. It seems clear enough to me that the company's that can adapt their approach to marketing first, and with a clear understanding of what makes their potential clients respond, will be the industry leaders of tomorrow!

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