Google Page Rank Visually Explained

Why Does One Site Rank Higher Than Others?

Google Page Rank is the actual term for the algorithm that determines why your little site ranks where it does and the big guys outrank you.

Wanna Rank Like The Big Guys?
(who doesn't?)

Do What They Do:

Google Page Rank Visually Explained

You wanna be the big red ball (doesn't everybody?)

trouble is your brand new (insignificant) site is that little blue guy...
So, how do you get your tiny little blue guy to grow up to be a big fat red one?

... see all those little purple fellas? they are EXTERNAL sites with YOUR link on them.

how do you get your site to climb in rank?
it has MORE to do with the volume of EXTERNAL sites that link TO YOU, than it does to you fiddling with what's on your little blue site.

OFF page SEO is more important than On page SEO

Now if you elect to ONLY work on ON Site SEO, you *could* get your little blue guy to grow up to be one of those Green guys...


You ain't never gonna get to be that big fat red one... without a whole bunch of tiny purple ones:

the purple site SUPPORT the main site

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