Marketing Words Of Wisdom

It's a funny thing how often times a few simple words can inspire hours (or even days) of thought, analysis, and reflection. Since I was a youngster I have been quick to realize that many times a phrase can mean one thing to one person, and something completely different to another, furthermore, there are times when one can hear something said that on the surface is of considerable value, but if examined closer and given sufficient reflection could just be invaluable! I wanted to share this short list of quotes specifically for this reason ... I have found each of these worthy of "sufficient reflection" with regard to the art and industry of marketing ...

" To the place where green vegetables are brought in abundance, bring thine also to sell. "
Babylonian Talmud, Menahot

" Salesmanship is intuitive; it's a personality kind of thing, with maybe a bit of hocus pocus. "
Manny Feris
National Sales Manager, Rambusch Lighting

" A salesman guards his Rolodex more than anything else. It's his meal ticket. "
Richard Jennings
Sales Manager, CardioData Corp.

" Consulting is a business as well as a profession, and you must never lose sight of that. If being businesslike costs you a client or a sale, it is almost certain that the client or sale would not have been worth having. "
Herman Holtz
Government Operations consultant

" Would you persuade, speak of interest, not of reason. "
Benjamin Franklin

" Presenting a professional, upbeat face to the public does wonders for the way people perceive your business. "
Steve Estridge
CEO, Temps & Co.

" The worm lures the fish, not the fisherman and his tackle. "
Angler's maxim

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