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Over the past 10 years what works in marketing and promoting local small businesses has changed significantly! Previously traditional marketing centered around newspaper, television, radio, and other print media such as magazines, flyers, and the Yellow Pages. Today consumer's responses to these methods of promotion are steadily declining at a rapid rate. They simply have better options for finding information on the products and services they want! The internet gives them the ability to search for, and find, nearly limitless sources of for the specific information they need to make an educated decision. Consider this ...

Digital video recording gives us the ability to watch TV when we want to ... and skip past ALL THE ADVERTISEMENTS!

Most of us throw out direct mail and circulars without a second glance!

Caller ID allows us to pre-screen phone calls preventing telemarketers from interrupting our lives!

Newspaper & magazine sales have dropped so significantly that publishers are scrambling to establish an online presence!

Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare and other similar sites give consumers the ability to ask questions and review comments on products and services interactively in real time!

The large majority of people rarely use the phone book because that would mean ... THEY HAVE TO GET UP FROM THEIR COMPUTER TO FIND IT!

The most effective way to reach your potential clients today is an effective combination of search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and content creation! The problem for most business owners is that creating a positive, engaging, online presence requires a significant investment of time ... and time is hard to come by WHEN YOU HAVE A BUSINESS TO RUN!!!


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