Final Day To Help Local Social Media Proponent Win Audi's "Progress is" Contest

Today is the final day to tweet, post, like, and click to help Michele Lorito Chase win Audi's "progress is" contest. She and 9 other finalists are in competition to see who can drum up the most traffic using social media. The winner will select a charity of their choice to receive $25,000 from Audi of America.

During the Super Bowl Audi announced that they were sponsoring a contest where the top ten entrants who tweeted (posted a message) on Twitter about what they thought progress is using the hashtag #progressis (For Twitter neophytes, a hashtag is the number symbol (#) attached to the front of a word in a Twitter tweet. Using a hashtag in a tweet allows anyone to quickly search twitter for tweets that contain the tagged word). Michele’s entry …

“When a good idea becomes a building block for a better one. That’s what #ProgressIs –“

… was one of the ten finalists! The 10 finalists are now in a competition to see who can get the most tweets, blogs, twitpics, and Facebook posts and comments containing the hashtag #progressis AND a hashtag unique to each of the finalists … Michele’s unique hashtag is #oldphone. I’m asking all who read this, and especially those in Florida, to help Michele help those in her community by posting a message on Twitter containing the two hashtags, or making a post on Facebook, or if you are a blogger … include it in your blog! A good example of such a tweet or post would be …

“Help @ghostexecutive win $25K for charity from Audi. #Progressis moving up from an #oldphone . Please RT”

Just copy it here, and paste it on twitter and tweet it!
Read more about the contest and Michele Lorito Chase here ...http://www.ftmyersmarketing.com/2011/02/16/ft-myers-social-media-maven-finalist-in-contest-to-aid-charities/
For additional info ..."Help @ghostexecutive win $25k for charity from Audi in defining that #progressis upgrading from an #oldphone. Please RT"

Read more at Suite101: Audi Attempts to Harness Social Media in #progressis Promotion

More still at ... Audi Campaign of Twitpics & Tweets Enhances Skills of Finalist

Even more ...http://erictaubert.com/post/3329992933/progressis-oldphone-ghostexecutive-swfl-resident

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