SEO Guys Night Before Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas and in back of the shop
the fresh pot of coffee just dripped it's last drop.
The computer store geeks were at home asleep dreaming
while the SEO worked on some search result scheming.
From Facebook to Foursquare, to Linkedin he'd flitter
while checking if he was retweeted on Twitter.
He hyperlinked keywords, checked rss feeds,
took care of his clients businesses needs.
New ideas for blogs in his mind started sparking
while engaged in a round of social bookmarking.
He never heard Santa or the 8 reindeer with him
he was focused on Google's search algorithm.
Santa left him a stocking and a wrapped gift or 3
thinking I want this SEO marketing me.
As he left Santa shouted "... to all a good night ..."
"SEO guy ... I'll call you about my web site"!

Rick Thomas, Social media/SEO Consultant in Ft Myers Florida,Regional Search Engine Marketing For Businesses, Improved Google Search Engine Rankings, Company Facebook Pages Created & Managed, Located in Fort Myers Florida. Yes I am For Hire!

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