Smart Phones A New Challenge For SEO Consultants

SEO (search engine optimization) consultants in SW Florida are seeing a sharp rise in clients asking about SEO for Google maps. Consumers with smart phones now have the ability to search for a product or service they need from wherever they happen to be standing at any given moment. They no longer have to do their research from a computer at home, they can browse search results instantly right on their phone! However the results they get on their phone will be different than the results they get on their computer. A computer search will give them "organic search results" ... websites indexed by Google based on relevance, back ;inks, and overall trustworthiness. Smart phones, on the other hand, will show only the top 3 listings on Google maps.

Android Phone Ft Myers Marketing

Many business owners are unaware that Google maps rankings can be optimized in much the same way as an organic search result. While still a fairly new focus for SEO consultants, requests for improved google map rankings seem to be on the rise as awareness of this new aspect of search engine optimization increases. This new aspect of internet marketing is especially important in Florida, or in any region, where the tourist industry is an important part of the local economy. When consumers are traveling they are not as familiar with where merchants are located or who has the best reputation, so they are far more likely to use their phone for a quick, easy referral to a merchant who is offering what they need.

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