Social Media And SEO For SW Florida Are 2 Roads To The Same Destination

In speaking with business owners in Ft Myers one finds they are often confused by the differences between social media and SEO. This isn't necessarily surprising considering many of the tools and techniques used for both disciplines are either similar or overlap each other. A number of small to mid-sized businesses are just now awakening to the fact that their competitors are gaining a tactical advantage with a headstart in these fields and are now looking to close that gap!

Similarities Between SEO And Social Media Marketing
  • Google Page Rank Visually Explained

  • Both have the potential to drive new clients and sales to your company!
  • Each discipline makes use of Facebook and Twitter.
  • It is internet marketing ... to the uninitiated (many business owners fall under this category) it can be a little intimidating.
  • Both make use of company blogs.
  • As a result of being relatively new disciplines both are in a state of refinement and evolution.
  • Social bookmarking figures prominently in both.
Despite their many similarities, which can be a little confusing, SEO and Social Media Marketing differ from each other in both their approach and secondary goals. The major goal for each is to bring in clients and make the cash register ring, but these 2 disciplines take separate avenues to achieve this goal.

SEO is a blend of on site and off site tactics which move the businesses website up the ranks in the search engines eyes, hopefully right to the 1st page of the search engine results. This is critical because research has shown over and over that 85% of customers looking for a product or service on the internet never get past the 1st page of their search results.

Social Media as a marketing tool doesn't focus on the website so much as it endeavors to build trust, a relationship, with their clients and potential clients. Businesses use social media to educate and inform their clients, to keep them abreast of changes in their industry or geographical area, and to establish 2 way communication between themselves and their clients to develop a personal kind of relationship that will instill a sense of confidence and loyalty.

Both are effective tools that are driving sales all across America today. Businesses that make optimum use of both are beginning to dominate their competition!

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