Approach Your Social Media And SEO Clients With A Salesmans Mindset

As professionals in advertising, social media, SEO, or marketing, in order to offer and deliver our clients a quality product(service) we devote considerable allotments of time to develop and implement a custom campaign for each customer. Unfortunately, customized services of this nature don't come cheap, in the midst of economic uncertainty here in Fort Myers (SW Florida) and all around the world, closing a sale on relatively high dollar services is a tougher proposition than ever before! One way to offset these types of hurdles is to approach your clients with a salesman's mindset.

This does not mean "high pressure" or Billy Mays style salesmanship! This is a kinder gentler type of salesmanship through which you passively lead your client to the information he/she needs to make an informed decision. In social media, SEO, or any type of marketing you are attempting to forge a long term relationship, and build trust, however there is a lot to be gained for you and your employees by realizing that the first order of business is to convince the potential client that he needs you and your service. Even if you are not a "good salesman", with the proper mindset, and a few borrowed tricks from the salesman's tool bag, one can often turn an unsuccessful sales call into a long term client.

  • Listen to your client! Have a clear understanding of what it is they want.
  • Have a well rehearsed presentation.
  • Anticipate client objections, and be prepared to refute them.
  • Use visual props ... people respond better to visual stimuli than audible or printed words.
  • Understand that in marketing business people are often motivated by ego as much as profit.
  • Don't just sell your client ... educate them.
  • Don't pressure, give them time to make their own decision.

Always keep on the look out for a good article, or local seminar in your area regarding salesmanship, and if possible attend it, and watch experienced salesmen in action. Often times there is much to be gained by simply keeping our eyes and ears open, and even a slight difference can be "the difference" between a successful and failed presentation.

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  1. Well said. I think today's "salesman" has the heart of a teacher. People just don't respond to the high-pressure salesman schtick anymore.