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Search engine optimization is an industry all about perpetual change. Internet technology was created by, and has always been in a state of refinement by some of the best and brightest minds in the world. A huge part of what an SEO consultant does is keep up with these advances. The "latest and greatest" trend sweeping the world right now are the smart phones. They are on the verge of becoming a dominant force in marketing! Smart phone users can access the internet from anywhere at any time, if they are on the road and need a product or service they can "Google it" no matter where they are. The catch is, for the time being, organic search results are not currently available on the smart phones, only the top 3 highest ranked in Google maps are visible!

Organic search results are determined by Google's algorithm, which considers many factors pertaining to your web site such as inbound links, traffic, relevant content, and many more factors that get a lot of attention, but, one factor that seems to fly under the radar is THE LENGTH OF TIME YOUR WEBSITE HAS RANKED AT THE TOP. The real unit of measure is trust, if you have been at the top for years, it appears Google perceives this as testimony of your businesses trustworthiness. For an SEO firm it is a tough task to dislodge a competitor who has dominated his local market for a long time. The same appears to hold true for ranking in Google maps.

For some reason, many customers have the impression that a listing in Google maps is not subject to manipulation by businesses (i.e. SEO professionals), therefore, a reliable sign of who is the most popular, reliable or affordable. The truth is Google maps can be optimized the same as organic search results! Right now there are few SEO consultants providing improved ranking in Google maps ... very few! Don't let your competitors become firmly ensconced in this important niche of internet marketing, it appears it could well be the wave of the future!

Google Page Rank Visually Explained

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