Conventional Marketing Gone The Way Of The Dinosaur

The light finally went on for me several months ago ... everything I know about conventional marketing is quickly going the way of the dinosaur. Over the past 3 decades I have been the owner of two construction company's, a Tae Kwon Do school, spent four years as a Realtor, served as a manager for South Florida Gas Company, a District Sales Manager for The Washington Times, in addition to managing crews for a number of SW Florida businesses. In those days marketing, for most local businesses, centered around ad copy, layout, yellow page and newspaper ads, cold calls, and flyers. Today the effectiveness of these methods of advertising has become increasingly suspect! Newspaper sales and subscriptions are down and publishers are scrambling to find their niche in social media, cold calls are blocked and flyers are thrown out without so much as a glance, and the yellow pages now play second fiddle to " Googling it "! People are twittering about the restaurants in town, and nobody is going to shell out forty bucks for a movie when his Farmville buddies told him it was awful! The writing is on the wall, social media will be a major determining factor in the success of most businesses for the foreseeable future!
It was overwhelmingly evident to me that this was an industry I wanted to be a part of! I immediately started researching the field and seeking out mentors. My first big surprise was the extent to which the professionals in this arena reach out to help a newcomer. It took no time at all before I had a number of experienced allies with whom I could question, learn, and network with. I quickly learned several key points ... social media consultants and SEO consultants, while related and intertwined quite closely, work toward the same end result from different angles because their trades, are in fact, two separate disciplines. I have been quite pleased to note that as a group they acknowledge a moral and fiduciary obligation to operate with a high degree of ethics with regard to their clients, and in spite of the fiercely competitive nature of the business, work closely together and maintain a high ethical standard amongst themselves as well. I'm going to love this business!

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Rick Thomas, Social media/SEO Consultant in Ft Myers Florida,Regional Search Engine Marketing For Businesses, Improved Google Search Engine Rankings, Company Facebook Pages Created & Managed, Located in Fort Myers Florida. Yes I am For Hire!

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